Agisoft PhotoScan Pro – Beginner

This is our educational trail for beginners. It is suitable for you, if you have no previous knowledge of Agisoft PhotoScan Pro at all. The content of the course has been devided into three lessons and completely in English

1. First Steps   (time needed: 15 minutes)

Heiko Störkel provides you with a starter kit of information, such as where do I download Agisoft PhotoScan Pro or how do I install the software? Schedule about 15 minutes for this lesson.

2. User Interface (time needed: 10 minutes)

In the second video Heiko presents the basics of the user interface of the software. You will get to know it quite easily and be able to orientate quickly. Schedule about 10 minutes for this lesson.

3. First Demo Project (time needed: 30 minutes)

The GeoMon team prepared a demo data set for you and Heiko will support you in this video while you process data for your first project. In the end you will be able to compute your own 3D-model! The provided data set is optimized that it can be processed even with a less performant workstations. Schedule approximately 30 to 45 minutes for this lesson.

To take this course, select “Take this course” and pay via Paypal the price of EUR 49.-. After the payment you’ll receive an e-mail with two links. The one above is the one where you need to set a password and then can log-in to the course. If you are not redirected directly you can use the second link below your e-mail.

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If you have any kind of problems or questions, please do not hesitate and contact us via e-mail:

Enjoy your Agisoft Training!